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Pascale Weeks joined us for dinner last night. She has a French language blog called "C'est moi qui l'ai fait !". She blogs about her cooking with wonderful pictures, recipes and a very down-to-earth style. It's great seeing people like Pascale who are extremely passionate about blogging who also possess the ability to create a lot of great original content. I only wish someone would translate her blog to English... or maybe I should just learn French.

One thing for sure though... if you like talking about food, clearly you must learn French. The food was amazing and the discussions about food were very enlightening... even if dinner DID take over four hours last night. ;-)


Yeah, great fun yesterday, let's do it again. There is also an excellent blog in English, written by a French Parisian: Chocolate and Zucchini for those of you who don't speak French.

From French to Japanese:

Learn French too. :) It's fun to learn new languages.

/me is going back to his chinese class homeworks.

It was really nice to meet you yesterday. I wish I could write my blog in both languages. One day, who knows ...

Karl Dubost wrote:
From French to Japanese:
La machine fait sans doute de son mieux, mais à mon humble avis le résultat ne ressemble pas du tout, mais alors pas du tout à du Japonais... LOL

lol :) trop quick ;)

I meant French to English ;)
Il y en a en francais vers japonais mais pas de traductions totales. I have not tried Google though.


"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach"

Given what I've seen on your blog, Pascale, je vous aime ! ;-)
(Will you please dump your current husband and abandon your kids and marry me ? I can't promise much, but I might cook a sunny-side-up egg for breakfast for you once in a while :-)

Hey! Took me more than a sunny-side-up egg! :-)

maybe it's me - but Joi stop trying to be French it is just so embarrassing seeing a Japanese person trying to mimmick French culture - sound familiar n'est pas?

or is it ok only when YOU try to adopt other people's culture?

andrew wrote @8:
Joi stop trying to be French it is just so embarrassing seeing a Japanese person trying to mimmick French culture
To mimic French culture, Joi would need to:

- ensure that he and his company provide slovenly service to its customers

- forsake the ascetic aesthetics of Japanese food, to embrace the indulgent and full-bodied seductions of French cuisine and alcoholic beverages

- spice up his business or social get-togethers with some flirting

Hasn't happened yet, IMHO ;-)

andrew: I'm not trying to French. I could never be French. ;-) I'm musing about learning the French language. And if it's the title, I just copied the name of her blog.

But "touche" anyway.

Her (British) husband wrote @7:
Hey! Took me more than a sunny-side-up egg! :-)
My understanding is that with a French lady, preparing porridge for her in the morning won't get you any points ;-P

I'll try the porridge and let you know.


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