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I just arrived in Cape Town. I've had some tea and dinner and many of the waiters were humming tunes when they did stuff. Even the person who was putting candles on the tables was humming a tune. So far, people seem... happy. I wonder if it's the weather. The weather is BEAUTIFUL. Or maybe it's the contrast to Paris, where the weather was terrible and considering how wonderful the city was, generally speaking, people seemed a bit unhappy...


psssht, its all because cape town rocks, that and you've never heard of south african humming disease ?

its kinda like BSE (mad cow disease) but affects people..

have fun in CT joi ;)

to comment on the behaviour of the "servitù" is one of the most disgusting habits of the upper middle class and it doesn't get any better with blogging.

Heh, so the Servitu is supposed to be Unseen, or merely untouchable?

1) phew Hans - chill.
2) Cape Town !is! nice. Be sure to wander around the University of Cape Town and reflect on the changes in South Africa reflected in the student body.
3) my favorite winery is near by - Groot Constancia.
4) if you can - go see the Jackass Penguin colony - you can wander among them and there are some great photo opportunities.

and lastly

5) ride the tram to the top of Table Mountain.

Welcome to Cape Town (Kaapstad) Joi!
And Hans, we don't call people who WORK for a living "servitu" here, thanks...
And if they happen to hum, because they enjoy their work, even better!
I'd like to be able to hum about my work!

How insensitive of you for commenting on waiters that seem happy.
Shame on you, Joi. Shame!


If the commentary is disgusting, it's likely because the service sucks.

One more thing, Joi. When you visit my City next, exercise caution if you use the word "humming waiters."

Unfortunately, parisians hardly ever look happy.
They feel either too busy or too important to let other people grab even a single smile.

Anyway, I must admit spending 2 hours a day or more in a crowded stincky is not really a purpose of happiness.

My hometown, Calcutta, is famously poor.
Yet the pavement dwellers, when they batheunder public tubewells along the road, seem curiously happy. I spoke to an immigrant from Ghana in New York, and he missed the mangoes, music and festivals of his country.
Here's a Forbes article on how happiness may be genetic!
We have a lot to learn...

If I may say so, your detailed and eloquent post (above) was a joy to read. I feel as if I just took a shower under a tubewell and had a fresh mango afterwards. How happy!

It's weird. I woke up this morning I and felt pretty happy. I wonder if there is something in the air here. ;-) I'm sure the weather has a lot to do with it.

Although I found that happy happy fusion jazz playing in the public restroom a bit disconcerting...

I'm also here in CT for the week (my hometown). I tell you what, there's nothing like going to the beach after work to throw the frisbee and watch the sunset. Drop me a line if you need a lift to Clifton 2nd beach!! 083 633 9155

Isn't Cliftons second beach the gay beach? Watch out Joi!

Joi, long time...just needed to tell you that I was in Rotterdam and Stockholm and Marrakech and other places these last months and finally returned to Paris - and frankly whether the people are happy or not, I AM to be back home in this wonderful beautiful city. Next time call me when in Paris, I can show you the happy people. A bientot.