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I am extremely psyched to have been invited to speak at the Chaos Computer Club's 21st Chaos Communication Congress on December 27th to 29th, 2004 at Berliner Congress Center, Berlin, Germany. I will speaking on day 2. There are lots of really interesting speakers including Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia on day 1, Donatella Della Ratta about Arab media also on day 2. Also, don't miss the eight annual German Lockpicking Championships. Anyway, it looks like an amazing event so if you're in Europe and feeling materialistic and boring after Christmas, come on over to Berlin and join us. I heard there will be a gaggle of Wikipedians hanging out having a parallel developers meeting as well.

The 21C3 has a blog and a wiki. The schedule is available in various formats.


And some Squeak/Croquet developers will be at 21C3. We plan to do a demo on day 2 (in the evening).

I went once to CCC congress and once to CCC camp. It was really interesting.

The bad point is they often have only one or two varieties of beer.


yes - and they have a server that has been hacked the day before yesterday. :-)

thomas woelfer

heh, hey Joi, if you see Jeedi there (CCC hamburg) ask him to tell you a tale of drinking in NYC ;)

have been reading you for quite a while and have recently moved to Berlin from the US (left early to avoid the rush). I am volunteering at 21C3 and hopefully will get a chance to hear you in person!

Recently, after your trips abroad, I have noticed that you are putting some kind of disclaimer about your air-travel/carbon emissions, promoting a terribly destructive, yet terribly useful industry. I am glad that you are thinking about this. I wish more people did.

What I am curious about is what criteria you use to decide if it is worth the trip or not. I am not criticizing you, for I realize that to change the world you have to break the world a bit first. But I think that you must have a plan that tells you that one trip is worth the breakage, but another is not. I am simply interested in hearing yours. I am also curious to know about possibilities to attend such conferences remotely... i.e. using the technology available for remote organizing and collaboration to do just that.

Paulo, many people might not believe me, but I do think about what impact any particular meeting will have before I take it. Most conferences I go if I think I can cause a positive change. I sometimes take business trips simply to earn money. I haven't had a vacation for a long long time. I do think I deserve one, but I think maybe once every few years I might take a vacation away. Most semi-vacation I take, I take close to home. I have half-a-dozen phone conferences a week and try to do as much by VoIP as possible. I have urged many conference organizers to do webcasts and IRC to allow maximum participation with as little travel as possible. I think some social software will help a great deal in this respect. Unfortunately, a lot of business and negotation almost doesn't work unless it's face to face. I will admit that some of my travels are fun, but that is never the sole purpose of my travel.

It does look good. I was hoping to give a presentation on opening public documents, putting them into blogs etc. but was late on the submission. I may still go along, depending on the family and time etc. It would be good to meet you though.


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