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Ryan Naraine at eWeek who has been covering the AOL Instant Messenger account suspension SNAFU just contacted me to ask if my account had been restored. Apparently he was talking to AOL and they had said that the accounts had been restored. I checked and I still got the "Your screen name has been suspended and cannot be used to log in" error. Ryan contacted AOL and they fixed my account somehow. AOL didn't explain exactly why I was suspended and how I was cleared, but it appears that for now my account is back. Thanks Ryan. Is anyone else still having trouble? I assume that since I had to have them fix me manually, that there are probably others who haven't been restored. Or maybe they thought I was under 13 or something.


AOL Fixes IM Glitch
By Ryan Naraine
December 13, 2004


On Monday morning, some affected users reported receiving the error messages about accounts being suspended, but these were described by AOL as minor kinks that were still being ironed out.


I just tried, and its fixed for me too. Thanks Joi, and Ryan. Its great how it was impossible to get any info on the problem until it affected a famous person and the press got involved.

Mine still isn't working yet ...

mine's not working. sounds like the celebs get special treatment. ;-)

Mine started working yesterday afternoon, without any special intervention by Ryan. :) While I was mentioned in the eWeek article, my screen name wasn' I don't think it was a "preferential treatment" issue.

joi was suspended because he got an SSSS on his ticket, which he got because he is on a list, which he's on because he hangs out with us.

And also my account is not working yet :-(
My account is "portenkirchner", in case someone from AOL is reading this! ;-)

Mine (hiddensarah) still doesn't work either...

I must say that I really appreciate the updates you've had here. Here's my take: while I understand AIM's a free service, it has AOL's name attached. Their lack of response to this (apparently) fairly large issue makes me want to stay away from paying for their services ever.

Hey, it's now 21. December and I can't still look on, is there some trick or something, feeling so helpless, can't get any information from AIM direct. I want my accounts back. Please. Would be the best Christmas gift I could get.

Greetings from Germany

That same stupid message comes up when i try to sign can i fix it? Mt AIM worked fine this morning. Someone please help me.

I am having the same issue. My AIM worked fine yesterday, June 8th, but this morning I get that my account has been suspended for no apparent reason. Anyone have ideas on how to fix this issue?

It's June 10, and i am having the same issues..

Tiger 10.4.1

havent been on for about a week so far, still waiting...

yup. having the same problem with a SN of mine. i was just talking and got kicked off and wasn't allowed to log back in.

i was suspended for no reason and they dident tell me why

It is over a year since this last post and my AIM account was suspended. I contacted AOL through an online form, but still no response....Any new news about how to retore service?

my screen name has suspended a week ago im braking here the phone and all the costumer service on aol and aim drop me either to hell or to the website wich has nothing to do with the problem. it says what u should do ''reactivate' confirm your age, but it doesnt says how to do it....
damn, im loosing money here

please what can i do?????????????? :(

My account was just suspended today. I've seen this on other forums where there hasn't been a post in like a year but now people are complaining again. Maybe the same thing has happened again and in a lot of cases, they were restored after a few days. I hope this happens because my e-mail is down too.

This is happening to me also, hopefully it will be restored soon.

I'm having the same problem my messages are piling up. Are they ever going to fix this, or do you have to contact them by phone. Anyone know I would appreciate an answer, thanks.

I need help! I hadn't been on my account for 4-5 days, and now it is suspended! It won't let me log in! If you could help me that would be very nice of you! Email me at thanx so much! Anything that you can do (especially if it includes unblocking my account) would help! Thanks again! Please email me!!!!!


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