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Does anyone use my blogroll? People seem to like the random faces, but I have a feeling people don't look at the blogroll. I admit it's rather hidden, but it's become unwieldy.


I like the code since it makes everything compact, but I don't use the roll.

I use the random faceroll daily (in particular, instead of a newsreader). It'd be nice if you added more of your blogroll to your faceroll.

The whole collapsing interface thing (e.g., where you have the blogroll) inhibits casual browsing of what is collapsed out of sight. They look like links to other pages, actually.

I use it every so often. It's out of the way, yet there when one wants it.

I use it, and agree with Skrim re: out of the way but there when you want it.

I have looked at the Blogroll on a couple of occasions. I have more often clicked on the random face roll. It is not obvious that the two are connected in some way unless one has opened up both.

Random Faceroll from Blogroll ?

One more datapoint: I've never used your blogroll, although I read your blog every day (by rss).

I like the faceroll when I do click through, but I wouldn't miss it if you had to ditch it.

i have used it as a system of learning who is connected with who.

have made contact with some star bloggers over the last year ranging from liz lawley, danah boyd, howard rheingold, and john barlow: all of whom i learned about from starting here. Now i have to figure out how to make this blog thing a bit more productive and applicable to day in day out patient care, ect...and develop this clinical sousveillance thing i've been babbling about...


I confess to really digging the face roll, and would follow links to a different page full of more faces. It's fun to know who to look for at conferences and such!


You have a blogroll?

I had an unwieldy one for a while myself -- but "stole" Flickr's navigational idea and slipped my blogroll into boxes located at the bottom of the entry and front pages...I didn't want to eliminate it as there are some sites that I haven't found a feed for and mostly visit by whim when I do cast a glance into those boxes.

I use it sometimes when I want to discover a new non-french blog.

according to google, thats the one inbound link to my photojournal site on the intarweb

I enjoy the blog roll, rather neat idea!

Actually TEHUTI
refered me to your site; it would be neat to mention him in your blog roll!!!

I would make two changes, because in general I think blogrolls sufer from irrelevance.

1 ) Make it a page of its own.

2 ) Annotate each blog with something relevent to why you link to it. (ex: - Mark is my childhood friend. I really enjoy his perspectives on yarn. a.s.o.)

Blogrolls are very handy for newcomers to the blogosphere (who may not comment here). Once you've found a blog you like, it makes it much easier to find others.

The Faceroll tends to repeat many (same) faces over and over; the blogroll might benefit from having thumbnail faces to one side or the other.

The blogroll is a useful tool, and since it is more permanent and longer than the faceroll, my suggestion is to keep it. Also, you might want to make it a dropdown in lieu of it being a completely different pageview.

I use it probably once a month to look up specific blogs I don't have on my blogroll or bookmarks but do occasionally read.

Am I on it?

Actually, I haven't come across many websites from blogrolls because usually they overwhelm me. Maybe if when you placed your cursor over the link, got a summary of the blog or the latest post, it might help...

I came over here b/c I was going to check it out. It came up on a google search.

i love your face roll!

i happened upon your site one day sorta by accident, a random link i wanted to follow led me here, and i saw your face roll. i was like, blammo! that is so cool.

i even wrote my own app to do (basically) the same thing. i blog on a domino server, so i had to write a version for notes / domino. works pretty good. although i only have about 17 images up right now. need to get some more out there.

anyway i found it compelling enough to spend more than a few sleepy early mornings writing code. i won't ever have a blogroll again, i think the face roll idea is brilliant.