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My apologies for not blogging much substantive stuff. 21C3 is like no other conference I've been to. There are thousands of people. The center is open 24 hours a days with food 24 hours a day. People are sleeping in the halls and there is activity 24 hours a day. In a way, it is the perfect conference for jet laggy people like me. I can sleep when I want to, wander over at 3AM and there are people there hacking, talking and working. I've met some incredibly interesting people and have put faces behind a bunch of projects I've thought about and talked about, like the Liquid Democracy guys. I've been popping in and out of the sessions which are also great, but I lack the depth to be able to blog them in a meaningful way so I'll try to round up some links after I settle down.

The biggest problem is the lack of wifi network connectivity. I guess it's there, but it's either overloaded or being hacked or something. I had planned to put an IRC backchannel up during my talk (apologies to anyone who was waiting in the channel) but the connectivity in my room wasn't working. I've resorted to gprs, which means I'm doing email once a day and not reading any other blogs. I feel like I'm in a network black-out. Which is a bit ironic.

Anyway, I leave tomorrow. I'll try to blog once before then, but if I don't thanks Tim and everyone at CCC for an unforgettable experience. Also, special thanks to Jimbo and the Wikipedians for taking care of me and letting me hang out with them.


So how I supposed to figure out what 21C3 or CCC is without doig some research.

(otis, there's a link a couple of posts earlier)
joi, are there any mp3's/transcriptions/other docs of any of the talks, a la Oreilly?

andeezy in portland, or

@adneezy: as far as I know, all talks are on tape and those videos will be available via the webpage of 21c3.

Thanks for the post.
Pascal, in Paris
Greetings !

Hi Joi,

thank you for your great speech. It was an honor to be there and listen to your inspiring food for thought. You set me thinking...

OK, according to the wiki, audio documentation will be up around January:

Thank you for your lecture at 21C3.

(And special thanks to the people who enabled the live internet streams that enabled me to hear 21C3 in northeast USA! I appreciate that work very much!)

Joi, your talk re-inspired and re-focused me on issues which I had allowed to mentally hibernate.

Thanks for joining the Board at ICANN.

Thank you for your really great lecture at the 21C3!

It really made me start thinking (with all the other talks on the congress too! especially Emmanuel Goldstein's talk too ...)

Thank you very much!!

thank you for your time for an interview!

I've asked you a couple of questions and promised you to post the link to my women's magazine - we're moving and it's still not online. I'll mail the link later.

Meanwhile I've published a German translation as a guest contributor in majo's weblog "industrial technology and witchcraft" - this is the link:

I hope you had a comfortable flight!


Ito-san, it was great to meet you at the 21C3. Your talk was inspirational. I'll post you a letter when I get back to the UK.(email? WTF is that?)

Matthew, from the UK, fighting a losing battle against ID cards and very bad food...

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