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A Tale of the Uh-Oh's: Amelia Takes A Fall

At the dawn of this psychotic decade, I proposed, on instinct, that we should call it the Uh-Oh's. Decades need names. How else are we map their unique zeitgeists in our subsequent reflections on them? Imagine, for example, how awkward our historical recollections would become if we could not refer to "the 60's," a decade which needed no adjective, unlike, say, "the Roaring 20's?" The name is the frame, and the frame says it all.

I totally agree. I have several uh-oh's going on right now and see several longer-term uh-oh's developing. It's really hard to stay positive right now without trying to convince yourself that it's cyclical and the next decade will be better. I agree that the "Uh-Oh's" is a good name for this decade.

In the post, Barlow writes about his daughter Amelia's accident. I hope you get well soon Amelia.

I'm off to LA. See you on the other side. I hope.


I must add that I first read that this decade should be called the uh-oh's in the late Herb Caen's column in the San Francisco Chronicle. This was some time in the late 80's or early 90's. I liked it then, I like it now and was always disappointed that it never caught on.

we thought it was going to be the "noughties" but that was probably just a hangover from the 90s...

the uh-ohs is evidently more appropriate.

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