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New Year to all of you. I hope this year will be better than the last. With the tsunami and all of the uh-oh's of last year, I don't think I can really say "happy" anything right now. :-|

UPDATE: In Japan, there is a tradition that you don't send out New Years cards when you have had a death in the family the year before.


Happy New Year Joi, I hope 2005 will be better and peaceful. Cheers for all.

Happy new year to you and your family too! Happy journies.

Interesting cultural difference. I guess mourning is something where you shouldn´t express joy to others while enveloped in a familys sadness. Makes sense to me, especially after losing my grandfather beginning of this year...

Happy New Year!
Let this year will not be a natural disasters and terror, but only love and understanding!

Best regards, Olga, from Crimea

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