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I'm off to San Francisco. I'm pretty busy as usual, but hopefully will see some of my friends. Thanks for all the fun in LA and special thanks to McUnixJr for driving me home from the party.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sean for driving me to the party and Justin for picking me up at the airport. ;-)



You are VERY welcome, it was a pleasure to drive around with you looking for the elusive Korean BBQ joint !

Have a great time in SF, hopefully you didnt catch a cold.

If you are coming to Etech, I will see you in person then. Best wishes for you and your family for the new year!



When will you be in town, Joi?

Would love to catch you for a quick breakfast or something. Have you met Gen Kanai while you were in Japan? He and I were supposed to meet a few weeks ago but his work called him home a day earlier. :(

What? No props for driving _to_ the party? ;-)

Sweet! If you have time lets grab a beer... or coffee... or cofeebeer!

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