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GM: a big company blogging

GM's vice chairman now has a blog. According to Neville Hobson, this is the first Fortune 100 company to do this. The interesting thing is not how revolutionary this blog is, but how ordinary it feels.

It's just a website where a guy who makes cars talks to people who buy 'em. They talk about the things car buyers might be interested in - interior trim, cup holders, SUV, insurance costs, the Saturn range, and so on.

It sounds "ordinary" and I think it's great. It really sounds like a voice. I've been trying to get the Sony execs to blog, so this is a timely example. Thanks for the link Antoin.

Update Oct 29, 2019: The Fastlane blog is now offline, but you can read an article about the history of Fastlane and a summary of some of the most impactful posts.


I dunno if it's the first Fortune 100 company to do this. Intel's Otellini (soontobe CEO) started blogging last year.. December I believe, albeit on the company intranet site. But then I'm not sure if Intel is a Fortune 100 company, I guess it is if GM is :)

Well, it's not exactly the same if it's only on the Intranet, is it?!

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