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Bonus goofy news item of the week: Paris Hilton’s Blackberry was hacked.

Quoth the source for this bombshell:

“It’s one thing to have people looking at your sex tapes, but having people reading your personal e-mails is a real invasion of privacy.”

Clearly, different people have different definitions for invasion of privacy.


hmmm...I'm distressed to find myself agreeing with her. I'd feel far more protective of my private thoughts than of my body.

But then, I suppose that just goes to prove your point: different people are shy or secretive about different things.

Hi Joi,

I think that the different definitions of privacy is key to understanding why its such a painful public policy issue. It means so many different things to different people. I list some at, which is part of a larger talk I gave on privacy

Ms. Hilton is unfairly mauled by everyone... even us geeks. You'd think that the geeks would at least be grateful that Ms. Hilton has pictures of herself in her birthday suit on the net. Instead, the geeks jumped on the bandwagon full of losers that think it's okay to harass Ms. Hilton. She is a magnificent bimbo and she doesn't pretend to be anything else. She seems shallow, but she is also a kind woman.

Piracy is old and modern... But let's focus on proportions, for once. Here in Italy we have the Mafia and it is still very influential on the media system. I posted a piece about a curious fact that has happened a few days ago... Tell me what you think, if you have time... by clicking on my name and forgiving my poor English...

My friend manages a high-end boutique in SoHo. Nicky Hilton accidentally left behind her Blackberry while shopping.

My friend's a pro and didn't go through it, but did say it was encrusted with sparkly stickers and rhinestones.

On a related note: guess this sort of stuff will get you in big trouble in Japan

Maybe I was being too nice.

Hilton Investigated in Alleged Petty Theft

She did consent to the video tape.

Yes. She was all for making the videos. She just did not think the person she trusted and felt safe with would post them onto the internet.

Jenna Lewis from Survivor is a different story. She made as hardcore a tape as she could on her wedding night specifically to sell over the internet and then got caught trying to deny it.

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