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In case you missed it - the new Jib Jab...


I tried to leave a comment on this, but it was blocked for questionable content. So, instead, I left a comment on the corresponding LiveJournal entry (

i find it so ironic that people didn't bother or notice this item in BBC or

its just that its a old news already?

" US soldiers in Iraq approach a car after opening fire when it failed to stop at a checkpoint. Despite warning shots it continued to drive towards their dusk patrol in Tal Afar on 18 January. "

" Inside the car were an Iraqi family of seven. The mother and father were killed but their five children in the backseat survived, one with a non-life threatening wound."

and a mirror site just in case...

Nobody noticed that story? The (appalling and heart breaking) photos were on the front of the Irish Times and the Boston lobe among other newspapers. Of course, it's likely to be forgotten next week but for now, in my circles at least, the whole horrible story is front and centre. There's an interesting thread on it over here.

A small slice of that Jib Jab was just on tv in Tokyo... ch12 at about 11:08pm as part of a new program that covered the shrub's evil return.

Blogging Community outraged by Jib Jab's Budweiser piece! Jib Jab, which became a popular site during the past presidential election has now received a corporate sponsorship from Budweiser.

The blogsphere is upset that they owners of Jib Jab, who clearly stated they would never "sell out" are now working for Bud. Bloggers lash back with the following anti-Jib Jab clip and a slew of online chatter:

Anti-Jib Jab clip: