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Xeni @ Boing Boing
Jenna Bush, Spawn of Satan

Th Satannnnnn
Is it me, or is Jenna Bush holding up the sign of Satan next to her father's face in this photo? Choose picture #7 in this MSNBC slide show.
Here's the original MSNBC Link, and here's a link to a copy of the photo I saved locally (it's now offline at MSNBC) (thanks Jeremy)

Update: BB reader Charles Bestal says, "As a University of Texas student, we hear a good bit about the party animal around campus -- but it should be noted that she is most likely invoking the school's hand-sign (Hook 'em Horns, they say), rather than the devil, or her father."

The Houston Chronicle confirms that it was the University of Texas "Hook'em, Horns" but it appears to have offended some people in Norway.

Houston Chronicle
Norway reads something sinister in 'Hook 'em' sign

..."Sjokkhilsen fra Bush datter," read an outraged headline on Norwegian news Web site Nettavisen. Translated: "Shock greeting from Bush daughter."

...The "Hook 'em, Horns" that Bush flashed when The Eyes of Texas was played at the Black Tie and Boots gala Wednesday was misconstrued by some in Norway as a sign of the devil used by a musical scene that terrorized the country in the late 1980s and early '90s.

...Death metal's history
In Norway the horns carried a greater menace. The country has long been a hotbed of death metal, a subgenre of music with a sordid history of church burnings, murder, inadvertant bludgeonings (with sheep skulls), pet sacrifices and sundry behavior best described as anti-Christian. There the gesture has little to do with sports rivalries.

...Needless to say, Norway's more prudish contingent was aghast upon seeing the daughter of the American president flashing a sign associated with such behavior.

It could be worse ...
..."I suppose it can mean different things to different people in different parts of the world," Clark says. "I guess the Norwegians and Italians should be happy that our mascot was a longhorn and not a unicorn."

This sounds like something from a Douglas Adams book. Luckily it didn't mean anything offensive to our future Alien Overlords.

Thanks to Glenn to the Houston Chronicle link

UPDATE: David Weinberger's "Forgive me" gesture and "The Shocker" via AG.


The GOP's emblem contains the pentagram... And G W Bush has a history of branding naked people (pledges at Yale) 'which smacks of sadomasochism'...

Plus, there is the disturbing NAZI fundmeister story- the family background...

If the Nazis weren't worshippers of the darkest of forces... who was?

I wouldn't mind doing evil things with Jenna...

The "University of Texas" sign is probably only familiar with those who study or studied there. The rest of the world only knows it as the headbanger's evil hand gesture. Way to alienate the rest of the world's population, Bush!

Um... I guess no one else interprets that gesture as "rock on!"? I mean, that's what I've seen it represented as throughout american pop culture for the last 10-20 years at least...

Beavis & Butthead? Wayne's World? Every rock/punk/trash band ever?

As such it is a perfectly valid gesture for a dumb chick to pull on such an occasion.

Bush bombs the bejesus out of nations, curtails his own nation's civil rights, and a host of other absolutely outrageous things, and THIS is what people make a fuss about? C'mon. Are we really so helpless in this situation as to have as our only resort chastising the man's illiterate daughter? C'mon.

Hey, is that jluster on the right??

Oh fricking please...

Amazing when you dislike someone (like those who hate Bush) every little thing is the source of evil and ridicule.

"Those who matter don't mind...
and those who mind don't matter..."

Joi, you're a funny guy.

Perhaps you believe this as well:

Bush is the anti-christ

(*warning*: turn down the volume or be blasted from hell!)

Read Exhibit 5.

You're all adhering to good principles and common sense in your comments and that's great. But you know what? If people want to pick on Bush over stupid stuff, I say let them. The man is a Joke. And now that the Republican party has secured power for another four years, even they are starting to gang up on Shrub.

Remember the time Bush joked around by pretending to look for WMDs under his desk? And then, just imagine, how a Iraq War vet who lost a limb or a buddy must have felt when he/she saw how cavalier and insensitive the "President" was? So go ahead and tease him, just so long as your are merciless.

In truth, this family of blue-blooded patronizers are social inferiors to the common man. They need to get their fingers out of *our* government. Harass, tease, and don't let them live down a thing.

I went to UT Austin and we did the "Hook 'em" gesture. As a Scot I thought was strange, as it's a Satanic sign in Europe... but the "OK" sign in Brazil is considered very rude, as well.

After about a year I got used to it, once I got used to the local context.

Not that it matters to most anybody, but it wasn't death metal that had all that stuff associated with it; it was black metal.

Mike B.

Please go back under the rock where you came from.


Chomper -

I left the underside of that rock to get away from you in the first place. Why would I want to return? Now go enjoy your life of mediocrity. Good day.

One more thing, Chomper. I have followed your posts in the past. I know that you are a good writer, that you are intelligent, and that you tend to lean to the right. Therefore, you should be familiar with "Harass, tease, and don't let them live down a thing." as a strategy. Okay, now you can go back to your life of medi-rock-rity.

"Luckily it didn't mean anything offensive to our future Alien Overlords."


Dude, that's because the the Bush dynasty ARE our future Alien Overlords.

Here´s an intersting article on this:

"Pitts said he passed the idea on to Harley Clark, head University of Texas cheerleader at the time, and Clark introduced it at a Longhorn pep rally, in preparation for a football game in Austin against Texas Christian University. (The `Horns got trounced.)

Now a retired state district judge living in Dripping Springs, Texas, Clark, 69, advised against using the gesture in Italy, but called Norway's reaction to Bush's "Hook 'em" gesture "preposterous."

"I wonder what they think the Aggies' thumbs-up-in-the-air sign means," he said."

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