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I'm off to Amsterdam today for two nights to give a talk at a corporate seminar. This will end possibly the first time I have been out of jet lag in almost a year. It was nice waking up at the same time every morning for a change. February and March are going to be pretty busy, but on the bright side, I will get to see many of you soon.

Anyway, see you from Amsterdam or possibly from the airport.


Hey Joi,

If you would like someone to show you around town while you're in Amsterdam, send me an email. It would be great to pick your brain :)


I was just at Schipol so I'm sure I missed you. When are you leaving Amsterdam?

hey don't anyone dare speak Japanese to him if you are a "foreigner"


I'm here for two nights.

Comment From: MostlyVowels

With a bit more effort, you'll be spending enough days outside Japan to be considered non-resident for tax purposes... ;-)

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