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Actually, yesterday to be exact. I just spent the day yesterday at Living Tomorrow Amsterdam with a group of people from Philips and several other speakers talking about the future. It was a great session. The interesting thing was that the speakers from a variety of backgrounds including Philips Design, gaming, online dating, mobile telephony and myself all had a very similar conclusion. Technologies should empower people to participate and interact and the future was about context and community. (Sorry if I've over-simplified this.)

I'm on my way back to Tokyo today. It was a short trip, but it reminded me again how much I love Amsterdam. Thanks for the hospitality Philips.


Arg! Hic-ups.

This will get posted twice ... it was nice to have you there. The day after (or better today) was fun discussions.


PS: In case you miss the other commet. Gretz from Joe Green who was sick and couldn't say goodbye to you this morning.

I was in Amsterdam yesterday too. Sounds like you had an interesting discussion. My trip was just seeing the sights. The work comes this weekend in Rotterdam.

In any case, I hope you had fun making it.


get yourself over to Doors Of Perception in Amsterdam sometime...

tot ziens!

It's great that you've met some of my colleagues from Philips Design. Glad to hear you had fun! I've been following some of your blogs for a while and didn't realize the connection.

I would be interested to hear more about where you think the future of shopping and retail are going. We touch on some ideas in our positioning paper.

I would also be very interested in your thoughts on our work with Ambient Experience in Healthcare and its first implimentation in Lutheran's Hospital, Chicago.


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