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Mac Mini: The Emperor's New Computer
by Jorge Lopez, MCSE

...The Mini boots up into a stripped-down operating system which Apple calls OS X, similar to the stripped-down WindowsCE OS found on many handhelds.

...No serial ports, no way to connect a printer, no PS/2 ports, no floppy drive, no 5.25


via MetaFilter


Not just an MCSE, but a DeVry graduate!

What I wonder is how many people will start to read this thing and not get the joke.

;-) The category IS humor...

I still don't get it. It would be funny it it was not also so sad.

This is really funny, but I feel bad for laughing. The other day, I became a proud owner of a new Mac Mini myself, but I do wish that I got a bit more bang for my buck. Namely, an extra 256MB.

Here's another funny quote from this site:

I know from the bottom of my heart that every human being is born inherently Christian.

"[..] By using cheap Asian child labor to assemble the Mac minis, costs have been reduced even further.  I would like to see them continue this trend, possibly strike a deal with China to use inmates to assemble them for even less, like Lenovo does."

The above might be an eye-opener to some, but I knew that Apple and their IBM-tainted accomplices were eeeeevil ;-)

what's a floppy drive?

I just received my mac mini yesterday and made the switch from PC to mac. After using it for one night, I think I'm going to like the new system. I did buy a 1GB DIMM which I installed myself and everything seems to be fine. Looking around at mac stuff on the internet, which I previously didn't even really know existed, it just seems "cooler" and more effortless than windows software. Maybe I'm just in a "new relationship" phase or something. Oh well.

Either people are really sheltered about technology or closed minded but it's just so funny how the Mac Mini is treated like the second coming when Macs have been out forever.

What's really sad is all these techno geeks who think they know everything and bash Apple without even using their products.

For those who bought Mac Mini's, bravo! Hope you take the time to learn OS X, it really is quite a breath of fresh air compared to Windows. I use both and it really is night and day.

...No serial ports, no way to connect a printer, no PS/2 ports, no floppy drive, no 5.25

Thank God!

When I consider that a good deal of my time is spent running applications like Disk Defragmenter, Scandisk, Norton AV, Windows Update and Ad-Aware--none of which are available for the Mac platform--it doesn't make sense for me to "switch" to a Mac at this time.


oh come ON guys, everything at DivisionTwo is parody and humor.

I'll take my Mac and go home now. ;-)

The thing is, people will see this and take it seriously. Sigh.

I loved the line about the benefit of buying an eMachine and you even get windows XP! Wow, such a deal.

No 5.25" drive. No tape reader that records to cassette tapes (ahh the old Amiga), no card deck reader (aah the pranks with the buckets of punch-card chads), no Windows virii and trojans (aah those nude pictures of Harry Potter that sent my whole Outlook address book off to spam bastards central).

I can't believe everything they left out. ;-)

Senior Jorge Lopez has been the source of much entertainment in our circle. In fact we have come up with the Jorge Lopez awards that we hand out on a monthly basis for the individual who misses obvious things in the course of their work.

Jorge Lopez portrayed in his ethinic wife-beaters must surely be a Bush technology appointee.

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