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Only in Japan. This had to happen. There is a Doraemon everything in Japan. For those of you who don't know Doraemon, he's the weird alien cat thingie anime character that has lot of weird magical things in his pouch. NTT once made a Doraemon phone. Now there is a Doraemon iPod mini. I still like the Doraemon telegram the best. I use it a lot. I sent on the the Governor of Nagano when he won the re-election.

via Andrew


I'm somewhat surprised that a blue "Doraemon" iPod mini should appear before a pink "Hello Kitty" version... A sign that some marketdroids at Apple have still some taste left ? ;-)

Ugh, Doraemon = robot cat. Doraemon != alien thingie.
Joi = Japanese, right? =)
Andrew != Japanese.

what?! he's not an alien, he's from the future!



andrew != japanese.

but how does that matter?

That looks a LOT better than a U2 ipod.


sorry, I assumed you did the write up stating:
"he's the weird alien cat thingie anime character".
As any Japanese person must know that he is a robot.


It's incredible that Doraemon has survived through so many generations and still holds enough popular interest to have an ipod branded!

Hey Joi,
Kittychan has got one now.

I love doraemon! I want this mini ipod, but it's already sold out!!!

Doraemon is not a alien! He is a robot cat from the future!!

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