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Tomorrow is the official start of the Online Social Networks 2005 conference. It will be a gathering of some interesting people in the field in an online forum and they will be charging $35 if you sign up today and $50 after that. The conference goes from February 9 through the 23rd. For more information, see their website. I will be one of the keynotes and will also be on a panel on Extreme Democracy.

I'm not sure how much of the conference will be made "public" but I'm sure that's one of the first things we'll discuss.


"Tomorrow is the official start of the Online Social Networks 2004 conference".

*cough* One year behind *cough-cough* :)

Yikes. Thanks for catching that. I just fixed it.

Maybe I can make it to the 2006 one! Supercool!

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Joi nous signale que démarre aujourd'hui la conférence Online Social Networks 2005 qui durera jusqu'au 23 Février prochain Joi Ito's Web: Online Social Networks 2005: Read More