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Reuters via News.Com
Web-only album wins Grammy

LOS ANGELES--Jazz composer Maria Schneider took home a Grammy on Sunday for her album "Concert in the Garden," without selling a single copy in a record store.

In a recent meeting with some studio execs, to the question of whether they had ever seen any "real" music come out of Internet based alternative production models, they laughed and said no. To the question of whether it was possible in the future, they made a "unlikely" gesture. If getting a Grammy doesn't constitute a recognition of "real music" I don't know what does. I hope they don't miss this stunning example of their misguided arrogance.

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Whilst I can understand their mis-givings of things like Dangermouse's Grey Album or some of the Kleptones stuff, this news is really at odds with what has been preached by the record companies. Congrats to Maria Schneider!

Here's hoping it heralds a change.

Well. I think everyone could learn by this example, that the future music-market will be one of self- or shared-distribution concepts. following one simple idea: "quality sells"! Maria Schneider with her engagement for the artistShare project is just an early sign of things to come. The Majors of today will be the loosers of tomorrow... just by ignoring a grass-roots trend ;-)

By the way: Maria is a top notch jazz lady!

w/kind regs from Ol' Germany (Roland)

What do you mean with "real music"? "Music that sells", like majors do, or "music with artistic value", which is an extremely personal concept?

'cause I could name many electronic composers who released excellent stuff over the Internet in the past years...

We've already seen how bright the music industry is. Are we really that surprised?

They continue to release at least crap in all forms and neglect some great artists.

Good for Maria!

I rely on the net as a resource to identify and acquire music that I cannot find via the mainstream. (i.e. the music that's force fed to me) So much musical talent flourishes under the radar and on the net. Almost *everything* I need or want can be found in mp3 format and comes from iTunes, filesharing, etc. I look primarily to the internet for music and there are many, many others that do the same.

By now, if you think that the net can't provide "real" music, you must have a very nasty crack rock habit.

I don't count the grammies as relevant to any part of life especially not to whether something is "real" music. They answer the question "What is the safest, blandest recording of the year?"

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