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The New York Times has a story on the kid who made the video of himself singing and dancing along to Dragostea Din Tei that I blogged about earlier. He is Gary Brolsma, 19, from New Jersey.

via Mimi


That's such a sad story. He's probably surrounded by mean jealous people.

He's obviously creative and funny, I hope once the shock wears off he releases more stuff.

The song has been #1 on iTunes's Dance section for a while now.

I can't believe we both blogged about this on the same day.

OMG.. it's true! iTunes US Music Store, Genre>Dance > "Top songs" ... they have FIVE songs, all charted in the top 20!!!

I think the very fact that the New York Times is reporting on silly things that happen on blogs quite interesting.

Maybe next they'll have article titles like "WTF? OMG!" and the writers will tell you what mood they're in and what they're listening to...

WOAH numanuma rox! i watched it about 50 times. the kid shood b happy but hes nut.(hes crazy)

I personaly think that guy is very cool, i mean he seems like a good freind to have.

HEre is the original...recorded WAY before that piece of shit from NJ and this clip is 100 times funnier.

Gary, you did GOOD job. You're happy ? We are happy too. I watch it everyday, for relax and go way THE STRESS. LOVE it's LOVE, a BIG mean.

hey love the video makes me laugh everytime i watch it. hope you make more one day


I agree with Rex. Gary is amazing and I bet alot of people would want to be his friend. He was even on the news having a review on him. This guy even did a better job of this song than the people who have created it. I would'nt be surprised if he did. Anyway, it got the news reoprters dancing!!!!! Way to go Gary, Hope this blog will somehow get to you!!!

Gary is an event. If you are interested, here is more detail:
Later, George

not alot of ppl having such a great time like him. he brightened up the day or put a smile on ppl at least. not everybody could do that.

a regular person could make a song very popular. what a good marketing job in advertising the song, even he didn't do it on purpose, since he's having fun with it.

entertaining ppl is the hardest job. you have to be creative and inventive at the same time. if he's selling an album, for those who viewed his video, he'll be a celebrities =).

Live life to the fullest. Cheers!

The guy is active on the forum of
Yes he's funny :)

I would love to see this young man be proud of himself for doing what others wish they could, but don't know how. For those that talk crap about him, "You're Jealous" you didn't think of it first. He's famous and you're NOT! Be Blessed Gary.