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I helped out as a technical advisor for the movie The Negotiator that will come out in May. One of the things I did was help choose stickers for the laptops of the hackers. Thanks to everyone who sent me stickers and cleared the rights for me. I've uploaded pictures of the laptops as a set on flickr.

It's still unclear how much time they will get on the screen, but in the last two films, there were many scenes where people were talking over their open laptops and the Infoseek sticker took up half the movie screen. ;-)

UPDATE: Added poster and pictures from film to the flickr set.


At the risk of exposing my ignorance of the aesthetic canons in the Japanese hacker scene:

W00t ? Not a single sticker featuring Kanji ?

Hum... Depends on who are the hackers of the film... Defcon is ok, but Infoseek...? I remember of a spanish hacker who came to Brazil last year. She'd glued on her case that giant tiger which is, if I'm not wrong, from the Gimp clipart archives...

Infoseek is an old joke. They used Infoseek in the first movie to help find the criminal when Infoseek was still new and cool. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was like 8 years ago. Infoseek still exists in Japan and is a "pretty cool" brand. The first movie had and Infoseek sticker on the laptop of the main hero and the stickers became a hot item and were sold at a premium on auction sites. Now the particular sticker has become a standard part of the series.

I think Americans like Kanji stickers and tattoos more than Japanese do. ;-P

InfoSeek threw me too but Joi's explanation makes sense. I am still puzzling about why the Centrino sticker is there and not Google or Technorati.

What??? no macs??
everyone knows real hackers use macs

And some people, like Intel, are real sponsors.

There is a Technorati sticker on one of the other laptops. The type of computers they used had to do with sponsorship. However, I got them to use Linux/FreeBSD whenever possible on the desktops.

If they are 'old' hackers a free-kevin sticker wouldn't be too bad

Is Avid so the hackers can use their l337 editing skillz?

Joi wrote @7:
I got them to use Linux/FreeBSD whenever possible on the desktops.
Is that a diplomatic way of hinting that Microsoft — like Apple ? — declined to sponsor that movie ? ;-)

I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say, but I think Intel, not Microsoft was the main sponsor of the computer gear. We loaned them a bunch of stuff like keyboards, cables and routers...

A lot of my Japanese computer otaku friends have an anime sticker or two on their computers.

True, maybe I should have gotten a NERV sticker or something. But... that's not Kanji either.

Of course, in reality, you wont see a true hacker using no windows , no mac, always any *nix based system. Anyway, a kind of "binary" sticker would be nice ^^. Try to look here . I think you will find good stickers there .

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