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This was posted using FlipClip a Japanese startup doing lots of mobile phone video stuff. This post was posted using the MetaWeblog API.

This feature is still in betatest. Maybe they can get them to make an aspect ratio feature so I can make myself look less chubby.

It would be nice if they included links to download the media files in various formats other than just the flash thingie.


Hey Joi, is there an English version of the FlipClip site by any chance?

Yeah, they are going to try to do something in English.

That's really cool. Let's try it ;)

You can just email videos from your phone to a server and have a script and some open source tools do things like convert to other formats and make a thumbnail from the first frame, etc. That's what I've been doing on Kokochi for mie.

This is very slick. How long did it take you to do the intial setup, create the file, and publish it? Basically, was it intuitive and easy to use?

Hi Joi, do you remember I was trying to meet you in Tokyo last year to introduce you to our video blogging platform? Hope you can set aside a little to time for me next time I am in Tokyo.. it's not unlike FlipClip, which as Dav says can be done using some readily available open source tools.

Sorry for the typo, I mean "it's not like" in the above comment..

Is there a French Verion of the FlipClip site by any chance? ;)

...und eine deutsche Fassung wäre auch cool ;)

That's cool! Makes me want to buy a 3G phone now...

Very, very cool. As soon as I saw that little video test all I could think of was, 'The news media as we know it will NEVER be the same, ever... not if people can capture and post from their cells. Absolutely amazing. While Jon Stewart makes fun of bloggers, his kind of humorous news commentary is the only kind safe from the future onslaught of mobloggers on the media. Let's see what this can really do!

Hmm, deja vu all over again -- I think we made the first working version of this technology like -- what 4yrs ago?? Sigh ....

Tim, are you Tim from Hello Networks?

Any updates about english version of FlipClip site?

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