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Xeni at Boing Boing linked to a flash movie on a North Korean site promoting vacations to North Korea. The North Korean Friendship Association was not pleased. Read the funny updates.


What struck me was that the site is North Korea's official website, run by the government, and they didn't even have enough money to pay for bandwidth. They even say that it's disrespectful for high-profile sites to link to "high-quality" content other sites, instead of copying it first. Most people are happy if a large site links to their content, even if it drives up bandwidth, because somebody else will offer to host the content on a different server and it spreads the content.

If you're the official website for a country, aren't you a high-profile site anys? Don't you want a lot of people to visit?

Maybe if their idea of website design did not consist of images enclosed by tables, they would not have to worry so much about bandwidth. For example, is (an all-black rectangular image) really necessary?

Somebody needs to e-mail the guys from South Park about this! Team America Part ][

It's obvious that they don't care about the website, and frankly why should we, except for making a little fun. What's an official site for a country for, anyway? I don't recall seeing such a site from any other given country.

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