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Just started packing and charging up my gadgets for a longish trip ahead. I'm leaving tomorrow to participate in the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security and the Atocha Workshop in Madrid. Then I'm going to Rome to give a talk there in a few places. After that I'm going to Milan to give a talk at the Università Milano Bicocca and attend the press conference to launch the 2005 edition of IBTS. Then I'm going to Amsterdam to give a keynote at the Creative Capital Conference and meet with the iCommons folks. Finally, I'm going to New Delhi to attend and speak at Doors of Perception 8. Then I'm back in Japan for one day to give a talk at the Internet Advertisers Association and off again the next day to Taiwan and other places... People have complained about my contribution to global warming through the jet fuel exhaust I help emit into the atmosphere. I think the first six months of this year will be the most pollutive that I can remember. I just noticed that between now and May, I will be on every single continent except Antarctica at least once.

Singing... It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all.

For the gory details, see my travel page on my wiki.


Popular idea for heavy travelers.

Plant enough trees to cover the co2 they're responsible for.

So, go carbon neutral. Future Forests will plant trees (for a fee) on behalf individuals and companies in order to offset their carbon emissions.

The British government is about to start doing something very similar.

"Doors of Perception"? Is this 'geeks do mescaline'? If so, I hope you're blogging it ;)

Wow, I am so jealous. How many frequent flier miles do you have? Are you a warp-speed Star Trek member, or Platinium-coated Gold?

My father has over 18 passports from 30 years working in technology for Citicorp. I need to scan these and make a collage!

He would travel so much when I was young, that they would run out of pages to stamp, and issue him another one!

I find this fascinating. That schedule is breathtaking. You do so much talking...when do you do your actual "doing," if you know what I mean? Do you actively run your businesses at this point? And if you do, is it all by e-mail and phone? Or are you in the independently wealthy zone at this point? Just curious how you manage to live this amazing turbocharged brainpower-driven life.

Ei!!! That's Wonderful... i'm asking my boss to get a non-work day to go to Atocha Railwail Station. I pass twice a day at Line 9 (Madrid-Fuenlabrada). So, Joi, i hope you enjoy the few time you'll spend in our city... you must taste the seafood and the squid's sandwich. If you don't have "social people" to go out and see a little bit of Madrid let us know!!

I'll take a look at the tree planting stuff. Thanks.

Don, most of my work involves meeting new people and making introductions and connections. Of course, after the introductions, there a lot of work involved in business development, but as you say, a lot of this can be done on the phone and over IM and email. Speaking is a really good way to meet people. They (usually) pay your way and generally invite mostly people that are at least interested in what you have to say.

You have to come for Supernova and drag Cory along! Supernova 2003 was a blast man. Wasnt' the same in 2004 without you guys. And this time it's in my hood dammit! I'll even let ya crash on my couch. Although I'm betting there are better alternatives ;-)

Joi, I would love having the opportuinity for a good follow-up to your first Rome meeting with me, and there are always hot topics on the table here, as well as great people you haven't met yet.

Sign-me up for your airport pick-up in Rome and share with me the time of a dinner in between flights.

Look forward to hear from you, before you make your landing!

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