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From: John Parres Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 00:15:18 -0800
To: dave
Subject: NASA using BitTorrent

I just noticed the cool WIRED story "Around the World in 80 Clicks" about NASA's World Wind open source app that displays 10 terabytes of Earth imagery on demand so I thought I would give it a spin (heh).

The story says "...When project manager Patrick Hogan unleashed World Wind, one of NASA's servers collapsed under a deluge of downloa requests - 100,000 a day - and the service went offline. This spring, it's back, with a bigger server..." and a BitTorrent link!

It's nice to see USA government scientists making use of P2P to save
taxpayers' money.


Excellent. I have been pushing local governments in Japan to use BitTorrent and other P2P technologies for community video projects. Many government and commercial video projects are crushed under the bandwidth and server costs of serving video. P2P allows the cost to be shared by the community of people who want to download the files. From a taxpayer perspective, this makes a lot of sense and adds yet another example of non-infringing use of P2P technologies.

via IP


It especially makes sense here because so many people in Japan have (largely un-utilized) fast uploads as well as downloads.

Bit Torrent is amazing...the concept is brilliant yet so damn simple. =)

are there any spyware related issues to world wind?
A Shanghai blog featuring news and views of great interest

Have you checked out too?
they've got some interesting file sharing stuff going on there as well...

umm spyware......proly since its nasa.

i hope they release similar thing s for each of the planets like google did for the moon...

crossing fingers for fun, but i am expecting huge amounts of censorship. espeically on mars.

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