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Thanks to everyone in Madrid for all of the hospitality and excellent company.

I'm off today to Rome. See you on the other side.

UPDATE: Just arrived in Rome. I had asked for a hotel with Internet. I realized when I arrived at the Hotel Hassler that I had stayed here once before with my mother and sister around 20 years or so ago. I remember it being an excellent hotel. However, I remember that they didn't take credit cards back then. Now they have Internet. I remember this was my late mother's favorite hotel in Rome...


Hello. I just let you know the governor Domoto was elected again as the governor of Chiba. I thought you liked the results. I live in Chiba also and I hope she changes Chiba a lot more in next four years.

Thanks for the great news Taiichi!

Don't forget to add the new 'plaze' so that we can track you... ;)

The Times Are A Changin' !


Hope you are well.
I need to get in touch with you.

Best Regards


Hi Joi, how can you afford to stay in such a luxory hotel? Not that I want to know anything personal about your income, of course, but some people in Italy do live one month with what you spend for 1 standard double room at the Hassler for 1 night, that is € 520,00


stop saying bullshit please!

The organizers of the conference paid for the hotel. I have no idea how expensive Hotel Hassler is since, as I said, the last time I stayed there was over 20 years ago. ;-P

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