Joi Ito's conversation with the living web.

Thanks to everyone in Rome for great food and wonderful discussions. I'm off to Milan today... more later.


Ciao Joi, I am MOLTO jealous!

For people hanging around in Milano here some details of tonight meeting:


Ciao Ito
We hope to see you again in Rome!!!

I am a 2nd-gen Italian-American, but I have not been to Italy (Regione Calabria) since I was born. Yet, you seem to go there once a month. I am also jealous, but have a great trip and safe return!

Your speech at Bicocca University has been really great. Interesting and enjoyable!
Your CC have really changed my of seeing culture and ideas. Thanx so much and keep on fighting: I really believe this is the right way!

Dear Professor Ito,
I was realy a pleasure to have you in Milano at Biccocca
State University

Paolo Ferri

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