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I'm at the airport in Milan after being allowed to talk almost non-stop for three days. Thanks to everyone for listening. The spectrum of locations was exciting ranging from squats to universities to a industry press conference. Thanks to Donatella and Laura for organizing everything and managing the trip. Thanks also to everyone for the arguments, suggestions and questions. I have a lot to think about and it also helped me tie a bunch of new things together in my head.

I'm off to Amsterdam to attend the Creative Commons meeting tomorrow and speak at the Creative Capital conference. See you there.


Joi, if you ever need a personal assistant--let me know.

In fact, you should offer an intern position!


Nice blog. I just got mine started today. I hope it will look like this someday. Its just hard to keep finding fresh content

it was our pleasure joi :)
come more often to wake up italian people with your shaking (sharing) energy

as always it was nice listening to you!

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