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Dave Sifry has a three part series of posts about blog statistics. (Part 1 - Growth of Blogs, Part 2 - Posting Volume, Part 3 - The A-List and the Long Tail). I've posted some of the charts below. More information and charts on his blog.





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To Joi:
I am currently reading the Donald Keene book, Emperor of Japan: Meiji and his World, 1852-1912 (I'm half-way through the 723 pages) for my Japanese history class. Aside from being a very good book that I decided to read at my normal pace [1pg/5min], (and I reccomend it,) it has brought something (back) to my mind.

Based on my meetings with you (=with David/daddy too), what David says about you, what you look like, and your surname, I cannot help but think of Ito Hirobumi, who to my mind was the most important person in the Meiji restoration other than the Meiji emperor. So in other words I have sort of equated you with Hirobumi. So, I wonder if he is your relative. You both seem to have a similar political, et al acumen.

Thanks, Asher