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I'm in New Delhi airport on my way back to Japan. It will be nice to be home but unfortunately, I'm only going to be home for three nights and then I'm off again to Taiwan... I'm sorry to miss the Holi Day today where people throw paint colored water at each other, but I need to get home. New Delhi was excellent. Thanks again. India's an amazing place. I must come back.


Good to hear that you enjoyed New Delhi stay. If you would have stayed here for Holi, I bet it would have been one of the memorable events in your life.

It's not exactly "paint" Joi - that's a little dangerous :-). It's specially made colors (powders that may be mixed with water if needed) that are used during Holi. Just thought I'd clear that up.

And did miss one helluva festival! Maybe you can make up for it by coming back sometime - we have festivals all the time :-).


yes indeed you must return for Diwali (festival of light) which by anything I have witnessed before in India is just soooooo beautiful - a concophony of colours, a masala of Indian culture - electric!

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