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I'm off to Taiwan today. Tonight I'm giving a talk at the TW Blogger BoF and tomorrow morning I'm giving a talk at the TWNIC Annual Seminar. I haven't been to Taiwan for over 20 years so I'm looking forward to visiting, albeit briefly.

UPDATE: Video of Jedi, the father of Taiwan blogs. (312K .3gp taken with my Nokia 7610) I have no idea what he is saying.

UDPATE 2: They gave away 3 1G iPod Shuffles at the end. No wonder so many people showed to the talk. Maybe I should make it a condition of future speaking engagements. I'll speak if you give way 3 iPod shuffles at the end of my talk. ;-)


I remember past comments and conversations about conference travel and the environment.

Just wondering, how close do you (a frequent conference goer) think we are to internet-based conferencing? Can it be done without a "there?"

Is the web spinning off more flesh-conferences or less?

I definitely am ending up in more physical meetings because the Internet makes the "world a smaller place." Nothing replaces face to face meetings... just like very few offices have really become "paperless" with computers... most have MORE paper.

For the first six months of my startup, I refused to buy anyone on staff a printer. I'd seen the way they used them--printing every single thing that caught their eye, only to file it away and never read them again.

We finally gave in when it was time to print business plans. Sure enough, the paper glut grew exponentially after that, most of it meaningless stuff that cost me one staffer just as a filing clerk.

I actually worked on a "report warehouse" product once, that cut companies' paper bills by millions. Basically we redirected something that used to be distributed in green-stripe paper bundles into web pages. But I'm not sure that we actually put a dent in per-capita paper consumption.

I barely go to conferences. For me, it is much more pleasant to download a session podcast and go for a walk in the park behind my house. Sitting in the California sunshine, listening to a presentation given at the Library of Congress (or wherever) is just aweseome.

Of course I'm not one of the "insiders" and so for me the podcast is OK. I lose some of the "vibe" of the conference, but I wasn't really going to get face-time anyway (or have anything that unique to say, anything I couldn't just blog).

Maybe the thing to do is streamline the meshing of conference and distribution ... get the active participants together, and get the multimedia flows going out to the people who don't gotta be there.

Hi Joi!
This is Stefano from Rome, Italy.
I discover just now your blog and now i'm trying to read it although my bad english :-). I see that you are often in travel, so if you come to Rome one of this day, i'll glad to invite you to a beautiful trip, food-based of course :-)

See you soon!

Hi there!

I'm first introducing Liang-Bin Hsueh (a.k.a. hlb) who really do many things about Blog in Taiwan. He is currently serve in the army so can't be with us this time. Then I talk about my feeling about Blog in Taiwan these years. I say people now blog/express easily and comfortable so I feel what I did is quite worth.

At the end, I say it's time major power start involving in. So our ISPs join blog business, and we have such a BoF inviting great people from different countries. We now have grass-root media and will go into international. I thank all bloggers there. "It's you make our blog-life such beautiful," I said.

Are there any views about the less-paper office, even if we can't have a paper-less one? I work for a consulting firm, and even with double-sided two-slides a page (i.e. using 25% of the standard amount), paper consumption is still insane....

I always figured if only I had another screen (or two) I'd read more that way and use less paper.

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