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I was in Taiwan for one day and am at the airport on my way back to Tokyo now. Even though the bloggers at the bloggers meeting probably came mostly for the iPod Shuffle give-away, it was a great turnout and it was a treat to meet the vibrant Taiwan bloggers community. The talk the next day to the somewhat more sober, but venerable TWNIC audience was also interesting. It was great to meet Paul Wilson from APNIC and listen to John Klensin who was almost as convincing on video as he is in real life.

Special thanks to Ching Chiao for organizing a wonderful trip and the excellent meals. Taiwan is right up there with Italy now in my "best food overall" category.


Thanks Ito-san for coming to Taipei. Can't describe how excited we were last night. I learned truly a lot from those good meetings we had and your speech. I know that you will be back soon for more good talks and good food.

(...only if we keep selling 30 dollars per .tw domain name ^^)

Many of them were here just to take one picture of/with you. Don't get us wrong on the iPod shuffle thing. It was too a last-minute surprise!

Again, much thanks

I had to said, i did not go there just for the ipod.

I was late because of the heavy rain last night. But I catch the last question you answered about internet free speech and censorship.

What you said, "Fight terrorism with more speech, not censorship." Help me to rethink about my own experience about unfriendly comments of my blog. Which bothered me a lot for the last few weeks. It is in Chinese, so I guess you can not read them.

Anyway I will not delete their comments and try even harder to explain myself. Just as you said,"If you cannot debate in public to convice others, your theory were not as good as you thought."

hi Joi and all,

Glad to see you in Taipei. And here's my photo of you and some comments myself. Enjoy it!

best, ilya

Hi Joi,

It seems that you are all over the place, how on earth (or rather in the air..) to you manage? Looking forward to cross your roads one day for a chat.

All the best,


Thanks for the post, Joi. Glad you had a good time in Taiwan. Can you post some more links to the Taiwan blogs you liked?


Unfortunately I can't read the Taiwan blogs...

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