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Rape, Torture, and Lies An ongoing Canadian saga has a sad new twist today: photojournalist Ziba Zahra Kazemi was likely brutally tortured and raped before her death in Iran in 2003. Arrested after a demonstration, the official Iranian line has been that her death was an accident due to injuries from a fall. The ER doctor who treated her has now spoken out, after being granted refugee status in Canada. Wikipedia has an excellent outline of the entire story.

Hoder ponders what he should do to prevent similar treatment when he returns to Iran. What sort of pressure can help prevent governments from doing such terrible things? Can we help protect Hoder? Hoder says that credentials from a Canadian magazine would help. Can someone help him out?


in terms of credentials i would be AMAZED if the guardian in the uk wouldnt give hoder press credentials in a second, if he offered to file a story or two. but would it be worse to have a UK credential?

i know that isnt much help - but if you want i am more than happy to dive in and try and work out the who/whats and whys.

not that outsider links seem like any kind of protection.

regime iran yek regimeh koshtar gareh va bayad uropayian va amrikayiha dast az hemayateh in regimeh khonkhar bardarand ta mardom iran khod bar sarneveshteh khod saman yaband

Who cares. She went there on her own free will and the world is supposed to feel sorry for her stupidity. Give me a break. Everytime a journalist gets murdered it's a tragedy. BS. What about all the soldiers who have no choice? We don't seem to make them martyrs! If you get involved in something dangerous on your own, take responsibility for your actions.

hoder? What has Hoder done that is so subversive? I can't believe that he would even compare himself to Zahra Kazemi and what happened to her...some people have a messiah complex and i think that hossein derakhshan needs to get over himself.