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The ICANN meeting in Mar del Plata is just about to officially begin. There will be a webcast of the sessions in the main auditorium. There are some interesting issues on the agenda including DNS Security, Domain Name Hijacking and WSIS. Of course the public discussion and the board meeting should also be interesting. You can find the schedule on the web site.


ALL sessions in the main auditorium can be viewed at:

ALL ccNSO sessions can be viewed at:

To send questions to the board of directors or if you have question or comments related to the meeting, please send an email to

Just between us, I will have my computer with me and will be on IRC at #joiito on during the sessions. I would not recommend IM'ing me on anything other than Shinkuro or Skype if you want to say something to me securely since I'm on an open wifi network.