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Cory @ Boing Boing Blog
Anti-Starbucks site doesn't use "Starbucks" in name

NPR sez, "'The Delocator' is a site that helps you find independent alternatives to Starbucks in your neighborhood. So why isn't it called the 'Starbucks Delocator'? Because the San Francisco Art Institute was too scared that Starbucks would come through with the corporate smack-down. Of course this renaming means the site won't show up in google when people search for 'Starbucks', and what's the point if people can't discover it? Carrie McLaren is out to change that: she's launched a google campaign to get people to link to it by its real name, the Starbucks Delocator. Take that chilling effects. Now, get your link on!"

Starbucks Delocator Link
(Thanks, NPR and Stay Free Daily!)

Take that!

UPDATE: You can use a company name in the domain name of a non-commercial "sucks" site. via ICANNWatch

UPDATE 2: See also EFF Deep Links for information on the ruling.


I hate Starbucks. They burn their coffee. Why do they think that turning beautiful little coffee beans into charcoal is a good thing?

Wouldn't that symbol on the front page of the website be a good case for trademark infringement?

Personally, I think if they dropped the cute fake Starbucks logo and made it into a more positive "alternative coffee" site, they could still talk about starbucks, and put in Starbucks facts, like the fact that some of their coffee has 510 calories and 18 g of saturated fat (that's what a venti mocha with whole milk and whipped cream will give you), without worrying about the lawyers.

I used to not like Starbucks but I found out they do not donate a dime to the Republicans and were a very "Blue company" and now I have no problem going there.

I think all this anti-starbucks hate should be directed at Wal-mart.

I'm with Boo, I think that's a much better way of running an anti-Starbucks campaign.

As for being a "blue" company, I find it laughable that a lot of Americans like to blame big business even though they are the ones who have driven this economy for a while.

Just look for a Peet’s Coffee for a very good strong cup of coffee.

Blame all the people who moved to San Fran drove up the prices and kicked poor small businesses and the families that ran them into the street and over the Bay. Starbucks are the only people who can afford the rent. San Fran will never ever be the alternative, stylish place it was once thought to be and no amount of supporting the remaining little guys will help with that. The little guy has gone for eternity in that city. Sad but true.

Well, I still like taking my laptop to Starbucks, sit on the comfortable couch, and do an intensive coding session for a few hours with a steaming mug of coffee next to me.

The funny thing is I put in my home zip code and not only does it fail to provide me with an alternative to Starbucks, but it tells me where two of the nearest Starbucks are!

Here in Tokyo there are hardly any good local/indie "alternatives" to Starbucks. Most indie coffee spots tend to be hyper-hipster joints that manage to out-charge even starbucks -- it's not uncommon to see a $5 (one size only) cappuccino. That said, I agree with DFPS, Wal-mart is doing far worse things than Starbucks could ever aspire to. I recommend checking this out: Is WalMart good for America?, Frontline.

I agree with Craig in that there are very few, if any, good alternatives to Starbucks in Tokyo. The smoke free environment is worth the price alone.

I think someone's taking those Austin Powers movies a little too seriously.

Hilarious to watch caffein addicts talk about the unhealthy fat-content in their daily drug dosage![2]

I think the delocator is a very creative and proactive alternative to the Starbucks vandalism stunt that took place here in SF about a year ago.

Chomper writes:

"As for being a "blue" company, I find it laughable that a lot of Americans like to blame big business even though they are the ones who have driven this economy for a while."

So, the consumer is culpable for the crimes of the corporate provider? Funny, that sounds a lot like an argument Osama Bin Laden might advance. Your oversimplification of every issue such that it is forced to come into focus with your mypoic, red/blue-obcessed vision; is tiresome.

To boost their site even more, it would be great if they took it outside that pop-up window and made it easy to access.

" They burn their coffee ..." - This is a classic phrase! I don't understand why Starbucks does this? I also notice this in many places in the U.S. After the coffee is brewed, it sits in a heated pot or receptacle and slows simmers...

In Brazil, whenever we make coffee we always keep it in a thermos. A coffee "baron" friend of mine who has grown coffee traditionally for as long as his father and grandfather rememeber, tell me that coffee is "no good" after 1 hour.

Anyway, when I see how much work goes into producing coffee in Brazil and I know how much a 60 kilo "saco" of cafe is sold for and then see these small pouches of "gourmet coffee" in Starbucks for exorbant rates . . yes, it makes me a little mad and not all that keen to be part of the "Latte Factor" (i.e. reference in Automatic Millionaire about how much money you can save if you don't dish out $5 a day for over-priced, highly satured coffee at these places [most notable Starbucks]).

Joi, have you forgetten Dotur hell?! Don't you remember those tiny little cups and skimpy sandwiches?! The smoke wafting around the room? The robotic service (manual douri) and lack of options?! Those old yellowing walls?

Granted, there were regular coffee shops, but they were usually run by some social dropout. The owner inisted on assulting his or her customers with political chit-chat. I want a cup of coffee, not someone's political view.

Starbucks, thankfully, is smoke free, has good sandwiches, offers a variety of coffee and cup sizes, and the staff is always positive, but never annoying. Oh, and they have comfy seats.

Starbucks or Dotur, Joi. The choice is yours.

Chomper -

I would like to ask for your forgiveness for the offensive nature of my last message to you in this thread. It was out of line and inappropriate.

I suppose that I was transferring my frustrations with the bleak nature of American politics to you. Totally wrong and unacceptable. My best wishes to you and respect to your polictal passions.

Mike B.

Coming into this very late, but did you all see the story of:

It is the story of a take down letter, a fellow defending himself in federal court, and his use of sucks web site it do it. He posted all the briefs online, at the address above.

Very cool read.

Well, it must be legal to have a domain name like after all These guys have a really nasty domain name and Microsoft lets them be.

I was Googling for blog references to my website when I found a note in this blog that said that my site was a "very cool read." Stumbling across that comment in this blog reminded me that Joi Ito was one of the people who used to hang out in an online service called "Parti on the Source" maybe 25 years ago. "Parti" was my introduction to the joy of online communication, with which I've been enamored ever since, and which eventually led me to create a site about a local shopping mall, which got me sued, which led me to create the TaubmanSucks site, about which someone wrote an entry in Joi's blog...

See, we were *right* back in the 60's, it *is* all cosmic... :)

Hank, that's an excellent story! Nice to reconnect!

Starbucks and austin powers rule!

i think that everyone that hates starbucks is just too ignorant and reluctant to change. starbucks has made such a huge, positive impact on our society, and there really is no good reason to hate it.

Yeah, you tell 'm, coco!

I have equal hate for Starbucks and Walmart! They're both evil in their own right!

I am often sent twice a day to fetch coffee's for the G3 Creative Solutions team from Starbucks in Glasgow, Scotland.

They obviously like it.

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