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There has been a great deal of discussion about the Board Governance Committee's draft of the Core Principles and Corporate Governance Guidelines. Section 5(e) says "Having given the chief executive delegated authority, Board members should be careful – individually and collectively – not to undermine it by word or action." The idea behind this is that the board should not be undermining the activity of the CEO after it has delegated a task. As a CEO, I can understand this intention, but I believe that it should be decided operationally and should not be in a guidelines document to be signed by the board. In addition, I think the word "undermine" is vague. In many ways, the role of the board is to "undermine" management if management is not doing the right thing.

During the public forum (which is going on right now), Alejandro Pisanty, the chair of the committee, pointed out that there were a number of comments and that the committee is working on revising the draft. If you have comments, I suggest you submit them through the link above. There were a number of constructive comments from other participants during the forum and they will be posted on the site soon.


Not sure, If I'll my landzone will be on the comments section. But my 2 cents here on "undermine" - If I were a board member and you were CEO ..your better bet you ass that I'll undermine you if you were taking the wrong path !!

and Sorry I wont endorse that Section !!

"Having given the chief executive delegated authority, Board members should control that authority closly and, if at any point that athority is used in a questional way, apropriate action from the board members is asked for ." ...? :)

Feel free to comment and amend what you feel like, Joi, but at the end of the day, ICANN is a shady org that won't listen to anybody. They just introduced a per-domain $2 tax on any registration for the new domains .travel and .jobs, despite *everyone* telling them that it was a very bad idea. Their chart is more often ignored than not, and the board minutes (including the ones that decided these new domains) are often kept secret despite this being in breach of ICANN's own "rules"...

Giacomo: Correction, ICANN is an organization that suffers from a shady image. The $2 "tax" that people talk about is the result of a proposal from the applicants, not something that was imposed by ICANN. I wish people would get their facts straight. ICANN is not perfect and we need to explain things better, but I'm amazed by the amount of FUD that is spread against ICANN.