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Mimi @ Chanpon
The Narutrix Re-Ninja'd

The Matrix continues to be great fodder for transnational cultural ping-pong. While the Matrix creators acknowledge their debts to Japanese anime culture with Animatrix, Japanese fans re-domesticate the Matrix again with Matrix re-enactments. Now, UK anime fandom has brought us The Narutrix Re-Ninja'd, a brilliantly edited parody of the second Matrix trailer, staged in the world of Naruto. Check out for some more fun anime music videos.

Thanks Rachel!

Amazing example of remix culture. It is rumored that fan remixes or derivative works are more tolerated by Japanese publishers than in the US. Hopefully this fan community won't be shut down like many fan sites for US works.

Does anyone know more about this community? I hear that fan base is incredible.

Background from the site.

Many Lemons Productions
It's a Matrix Trailer parody, with Naruto footage. Original and unique? No. (That said, I've only seen one other..) However, I wanted to do one *right*.. To varying degrees of 'right' anyway.

How it came about is pretty easy to explain.. I'm a fan of good movie trailers, and while most of the Matrix's trailers were pretty crap, the final Matrix Reloaded trailer I thought was pretty awesome for what it tried to do. That combined with it has the line "So now he's found a way to copy himself?" just rang bells the size of several small countries to Naruto. Thus, the idea was formed. Hurrah!

I kinda wanted it to be both to Naruto fans and people who may not like Naruto at all, simply because it was going to be aired to a room full of both.. So it had to be generic, non-spoilery, funny, and generally "yeah I'm using Naruto footage but it's good anyway" :p

Timing is my speciality so it is pretty heavily focussed on that; lipsyncing, punches connecting, things going boom, the usual. It foillows the original trailer reasonably closely for the most part, but diverges at the end because the voice parts had stopped and it was just a chance to show off some of the better sequences from Naruto; I've kinda specifically avoided the cheesier or less well animated scenes where I could.

To clarify, it's as much of a Naruto advertisement as it is a Matrix parody; you'll see what I mean at the end :P Even for such a popular series I like to at least show a few teaser scenes to make more people go see it..

This video won over the popularity vote and the Judges' decision at AmeCon 2004, and I was awarded a Rei-in-the-bathtub soap dish, yay ;)

Note: Yes, I've given Lee the opening "Hiya Fellas" line, but otherwise Sasuke = Neo, it is on purpose.. For reasons I fail to understand now I look back, but meh, it's more amusing this way.


If you mean the naruto fan base, yes it's huge.

If you mean the "remix culture, ie. amv (anime music video) community, which puts anime clips to music, that is quite big as well. Check out - you have to register to be able to download I think.

Hi Joi.

You might try searching around for "AMVS" (anime music videos. The matrix video seems like a somewhat more unique example... usually a popular song is taken and then someone will sync scenes from their favorite anime to it. Some of them are really impressive.

Either the server is always bad, or your announcement tempted so many people to download it that the server melted down, I'm not able to get a stable dl, it keeps getting canceled from server side

It was fast when I downloaded it, but it got Boing Boing'ed so I think that must have hosed the server. Oops. I'd give it a try later or maybe I should get permission to mirror it somewhere.

Well, they reacted and put up a bittorent link, obviously.

"Does anyone know more about this community? I hear that fan base is incredible."

Let met just ask this: what do you want to know? I'm rather deeply involved in the Anime Music Videos community. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at jwagnerk _AT_

Definitly chek out some of the videos at, the top 10% list is populated with Naruto videos. Half of the top 10 videos contain at least some Naruto.

jajajajajajaajajaj narutrix la

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