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I'm in Berkeley at the Institute for the Future 10 year forecast retreat. Tomorrow I'll be doing a breakout session and a talk with Howard Rheingold on the Sharing Economy. I'm not sure what the blogging policy is, but if it is allowed, I'll try to blog something tomorrow.


Jerry Michalski to Steven Weber: "If you started a Linux project you could call it SWINUX and use a pig as a logo."


Not just allowed, encouraged. Go for it!

Indeed, given the density of your electronic self-documentation, I'd be offended if you didn't say anything about the conference.

Joi, when are you and the bloggerati going to drop this "Sharing" stuff, and fess up to the real anarcho- roots of it all!? You Howard and others need to come out of the capitaliocentric closet and reveal the true sources, if only beginning with: Kroptkin’s “Mutual Aid: a Factor of Evolution”. Stop the Cover-up...Enrich the discussion... & Free (y)our soul(s), baby!

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