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I was a technical advisor for a Japanese movie called "The Negotiator" which will be opening here on May 7th. They recently did a press conference with the key stars including Prime Minister Koizumi's son who plays one of the cyber-police. They showed the laptops sporting the stickers that everyone sent me. Thanks again! The title of one of the stories about the press conference is, "The Negotiator Mashita, dancing with DEFCON?" (The nickname of the series is "Odoru" or dance, from the original title "Odoru Dai Sosasen" or "dancing scan lines".) The text is in Japanese, but there are some pictures of the actors and the laptops on display.

And of course there is a blog. (Japanese)


I'm glad that they are making a new Odoru Daisosasen movie - I randomly picked up O.D. za movie II at tsutaya once and liked how it oscillated between humor and drama - plus, who doesn't like Futsuka Eri?

Ha. "Futsuka". Lack of coffee = Japanese dyslexia.

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This is a story about PC shown at the press conference introducing new movie "The negotiator." My personal image of cutting edge cyber-police is armed with PowerBook, but for the reason of applications or to run linux, thinkpad might work for the purp... Read More