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Skype's Echo / Sound Test Service (echo123) used to have a woman with a wonderful Estonian accent. They've replaced it with a faceless corporate sounding voice. (via pt) Eek. Kerli has many fans. We want Kerli! Anyway, for any geeks who miss Kerli, you can fine an Echo Test with a face for Chinese Skype. Just call echo-chinese.

Update: There is now a Japanese soundtest. (soundtestjapanese) The voice is definitely a Japanese woman, but she is also incognito. Also, if you IM "callme" to any of these sound test accounts, they will call you.
via Kengo


An outrage.

It would cost Skype very little, but they could start pulling in the coolness points by having a variety of interesting voices (how about a contest and leave the top 10 up). Also custom ringtones, skins, etc...

They also need to do some serious work on their interface, but that is a non-trivial issue.

Why waste a potential revenue source? Let people pay to be listed as as a Sound Tester. New Skype users get to try out Skype and testers get to make their pitch.

Heck, this line of thinking can redefine their entire business model.

There's also "testyuyin" which is Mandarin :) More will follow.

dear sir.
during using skype system there is a strong echo when
i talk-transmit and no echo at hearing
how can i eliminate echo?
will appreciate your assistance

Eh, Feder, does this site look like a Skype support desk? This is a blog, no one here's working for Skype. If you have Skype issues, you should ask the Skype folks directly.