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Anonymous friend in Chinese
The video shows the initial gathering and starting to march of the protesting in Shanghai. It was taken by my family member while I was not in Shanghai.
The video was taken April 16, 2005. I have created Prodigem page with a BitTorrent torrent. It is a 18.4 MB AVI file that runs for 30 seconds. If you download the file, please keep it seeding for awhile so that we can have a few other peers.

There is no violence or anything so don't download it if that's what you're looking for.

UPDATE: Oguradio has converted it into a 3.11MB QT file. Thanks!

UPDATE 2: And also now on


From the AVI file, I made a 3.11MB QuickTime movie file which is lighter and easier to download than the original AVI file.
Do you think I should publish it?
I don't know how to publish contents under CC license.

Oguradio, that would be great. Since it is a public domain video. You can just post it on your blog. I will repost it an and other places if you give me the URL. Thanks!

Joi, this is an interesting topic, you should write more about it. I for one, believe that Japan has not made enough of an apology regarding their historical behaviour towards the Chinese - certainly not to the extent the Germans have for their atrocities (not to compare the two, just an example).

Joi, pay no-nevermind to Bob's Hollowhoax shared responsibilty universal guilt nonsense. Forget about the Nanking and HollowHoax non-issues and move on.

No apologies by the Germans or Japanese needed.

What's needed is for the Germans and Japanese to adopt a 'Never again' posture, and acquire a credible, redundant, reliable, accurate nuclear armed deterrence, so that it never does happen again.

Please see this post for a lengthy discussion which continues.

Any translation of the banner the students are carrying? First line is in English: "Say NO to Japan" but what about the rest for us non-Chinese speakers/readers...

While I find this stuff worrisome, understand some of the details is important and valuable for many reasons.

Also it would be good to get a bit more political-economic context for multi-media stuff, if you know it. I mean the idea that on any given Saturday (16 April) there is a spontaneous anti-Japanese protest in Shanghai seems bit of a stretch. In the US its increasingly common that firms organize "Astro-turf" protests, i.e., paid "protesters" (as opposed to "grass-roots" protests. Is this video a Chinese government backed thing? Where are the peolpe from? Are they students? Or being paid to look like students? Etc. etc. etc. ...

Well, it looks to me (from the other side of the world) that the Chinese are allowing tensions that go back many years to stir up in public as a tactic in territorial disputes that are coming to a head. It's a cheap trick. The only reason it is working is because the Japanese are falling headlong into it.

It is good that the Japanese prime minister has apologized, but I wonder whether the people really back him on this in Japan. It's hard to turn around after 60 years and say that something was wrong, if the Japanese people previously believed it was honorable.

Personally, I'm not a fan of 'honorable' war theory. There may be justifiable wars, but there are no honorable wars, only bloody ones.

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