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Had a wonderful time yesterday at Les Blogs in Paris and enjoyed meeting all of the new people as well as old friends. I haven't been to many blogger conferences for awhile so I found the presentations and discussions a good way to catch up on what people were doing and thinking. Thanks for organizing this Loic.

Take a look at the lesblogs tags on Technorati and Flickr for pictures and posts from the conference.

I'm off to Tokyo today for some meetings and eventually a few days off next week.


Thanks for coming, it was great to meet you !

I really appreciated tour presentation at les blogs
It's really thrilling to feel so much happening around these blogs and wiki ...

I'm trying to promote Creative commons around me, with my clients and the CC video you showed seems to me to be a good tool with impact.
Could you tell me if it's downloadable from somewhere ?

Thank you And I hope to see you again somewhere soon
Alexis Perrier


Thanks for your inspiring presentation.

I just had the time to talk with you a few seconds about what we do here. Here are the links to the CC-minded sites that I talked about : (Pop'Advertising) (Pop'Marketing)

You can also find our TagGregator here :

Best regards,


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