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The American Family Association recently pressured P&G to drop ads on pro-gay shows and web sites through boycotts. I'm glad we don't have them "protecting" us in Japan.

More info on Adam's blog.


While I would not participate in such a boycott, I think that the word "censorship" overstates what took place here (usually reserved for governmental actions). I like the idea of individuals banding together to express their views in a fully voluntary capacity, regardless of whether I agree with those views. On the flip side, if a group resorts to coercion (e.g., asking the FCC to use force against someone with whom they do not agree), I lose all respect for their initiative even if I might be sympathetic to their position.

I agree. Censorship is probably a bit strong. Oops. ;-)

Not that "The L Word" is going to be on Japanese TV anytime soon...

I've actually signed up for the American Family Ass. "Action Alerts" they are a great way to keep an eye on them and allow you to write to the people who they are targeting and let them know that you do NOT support the AFA and their wacked out ideas.

Not that P&G ("Over 400 brands you know and trust!") shouldn't be boycotted one way or another... :p
I see two evils here: hatred and greed. Both are rooted in ignorance.

hmm. I think I boycott the notion of family for a very long time now ;)

Boris, I think your being the ignorant one by mistaking hatred with not agreeing with a particular lifestyle.

Yes, there are some nutcases out there but I would not characterize the AFA as being hateful.

Americans spend far too much time worrying about gay people. It really makes us look stupid when there are real problems in the World that we should worry about.

Jesus wasn't about exclusion, vengeance, or anger. And if it weren't for a few archane lines in the Old Testament, the AFA and others wouldn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to giving homos a hard time.

Leave the gays alone, lest ye be judged.

Chomper: never ass-u-me.
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The only thing worse than Spam is Chinese spam.

You ever notice how the Jew monopoly, commie-femmie, media always uses queers, pornography, and other disgusting subjects to typify examples of media censorship?

What a joke!

Look what happened when PBS broadcasted an episode of Buster. I mean it really hit the wall, people resigned, it was nuts. The only line in the whole show that was pro-gay was, "Geee, you have a lot of moms." Buster said this when looking at the pictures on a table because his friend had two mothers.

Yeah... we are a little crazy with the gays... and nudity... but it's alright to show killings and various other forms of violence on TV.

If it would be an action to stop all sorts of porn related banners on a website-no problem; but of cource the boycot is mainly against gay related banners ....

Freedom of speech/thinking is all great till it comes to an agenda you dont agree with.

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