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I just installed Tiger on my computer and it's now importing all of my email to Apple Mail from Entourage. It's been importing for about 24 hours, but it's still only about half way through. I don't feel like reading and writing on a slow machine so I'm going to take a blog break until my new Tiger machine is running properly... See you on the other side.


You should probably listen some good music, just like Tiger Tunes - Absolutely worthless compared with important books...

Meant 'to important books' of course. Bands web site:

write poetry

24 HS import! Holy !"&/·%!

Practice some kendo Joi!

wow, how many emails do you have? it took 8 minutes to import my 17,725 emails:

Could the problem be that you have waaaaaay too many emails?

Why dont you buy a faster machine?

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