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While I'm still importing my mailbox on my main machine, I thought I would metablog by linking to an interview I did for NeoFiles. The interviewer is R. U. Sirius who I met back in the Mondo 2000 "Birth of Cyberpunk" days. I once wrote an article for Mondo 2000 and R. U. Sirius was my editor. He got me to write the weirdest thing I've ever written in my life. This time, he kept telling me I wasn't being interesting enough and triggered a "how would you have explained it to Timothy Leary?" kind of rant. ;-) It reminded me of why Mondo 2000 was so funky and great.

PS I think he's right, "New Edge" was not coined by Professor Takemura, but popularized in Japan by him.


Well, Joi, I quoted a big chunk of this interesting interview, and splattered it into my new post:

Joi Ito on Connectivity and Community

over at

Is it true that teens in Japan can send "blind" text messages, with the cell phone in their pockets? Talk about clandestine communications. I think the CIA would be interested in talking with these cyperpunks. LOL.


And the Life-Enhancement site has an article: "Is Alzheimers another form of Diabetes?" Hmmmm. Interesting.

Thanks for helping us get past mundane trivia drivel and into community building and activism.

Blogs are for action, not just blabbering!

Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate aka Leopold the Told

ummmmm i'm not sure....

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R. U. Sirius interviews Joi Ito in Neofiles:Joi (Joichi) Ito is one of this planet’s most prodigious and popular networker. A genial Japanese/Canadian/American (born in Japan, moved to Canada, then moved to Michigan at the age of 4), Ito is Read More