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Extreme Democracy, a collection of papers including "mostly" my Emergent Democracy paper has now been published thanks to the hard work of Jon Lebkowsky and Mitch Ratcliffe.


We couldn't have done it without you, Joi!

hurrah! great work, Jon!

Thanks, Gohsuke! I suppose we need a Japanese translation!

joi, i love this concept. it's close to my concept. is there any movement to turn these ideas into action? i'd love to help.

I think the next step is to work on networking activist groups, and I mean that two ways - technically and socially. There are many people talking and working about something similar, the challenge is to get them connected in some way so that they're sharing information, forming coalitions, and avoiding duplication of effort. It would also be helpful to bring funding sources into the network.

Well, I don't know about 'Extreme Democracy', but I do know about the so-called 'Freedom & Democracy' advocated by One World Government global plantation ideologists. Succinctly put, 'Freedom & Democracy' is mob rule or two wolves and a sheep sitting down to decide what's on the dinner menu. Part of a means to an end.

The 'Freedom & Democracy' movement is being advanced and used by Zionists and their JUDEO-Christian acolytes to introduce a Talmudic tyranny, a cult of Zion theocracy, enthroned in Israel to rule over every man, woman, and child on the planet. Everyone will be 'equal' under the authoritarian dictatorship of a Jewish Rabbinical courts, the Jews themselves representing their god's 'Chosen Ones'; an elite, care takers, guardians of their 'property', i.e., you, I, and everything else on the planet, including the very planet itself.

I give you the 'Supreme Court' of the world from which 'justice' and 'equality' will be enforced.

No cult of Zion, you say?

Than why are there so many HollowHoax museums and memorials around the world where no Jewish HollowHoax's have ever occured?

Perhaps it is so the Gentiles can pay homage to their Jew masters and owners from anywhere in the world.

The birth of 'freedom & democracy' and its' mama.

Certainly an interesting concept. Today we have top-down NGOs that organize and represent a group with common interests. But the Internet has already shown its potential to disintermediate. There's no doubt that NGOs will persist, but it stands to reason that the creative energy of the grassroots will have greater pull. One such example:, brainchild of Pierre Omidyar (co-founder of eBay), is a system that facillitates this open expression and competition of ideas. Without getting into the details, it provides a means by which trust can be established, reputations cultivated, and ideas and groups ranked as a result of the interactions of its members. It's a democratic process but the tools allow the best ideas to bubble to the surface.

Bob Chandra

Hey Joi!

Ive been on your seminar (or what was that?) in MaMa, Zagreb. I liked what you have talked about, yet I had to go, so did not talk to you (bad thing).

Anyway, this extreme democracy stuff, more precisely empowerment of social networks based on top principles (transparent, open, public) is the part that interests me the most. Me and other members of Tiaktiv organisation.

What I have noticed is that current forums that are a little bit more adequate for democratic discussions than blogs, are not based on equality either. So, what interests me is actually creation of the software that would be based on equality, transparency and openness, software that would enable completely autopoietic development of discussions, of group generating, decision making etc.

As long as you are protagonist of web 2.0, maybe you know for such a software? I suppose promotion uf such software would highly encourage develpent of politically oriented social networks, which is a big step forward towars implementation of this vision.

Best regards,
Gordan Ponjavic Gale

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