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I don't think I've written a "yay I just met so-and-so" post in awhile, but today I met Mitchell Baker the president of the Mozilla Foundation. I'm a huge fan of Firefox and amazed by the Spread Firefox campaign. It's fun when someone turns out to be what you thought/hoped they would be like and it was this way with Mitchell. She has the excitement and the look of someone who is doing something great and proving many people wrong. People said browsers were dead, people said open source software couldn't be popular with average users. At 8:58 AM PST April 29, 2005, Firefox was downloaded 50,000,000 times. I am really interested in what has enabled Firefox to be so successful both as an open source project and as a grassroots campaign for adoption. I'm also interested as to why Firefox hasn't taken off as strongly in the Japanese public and what we might do to get it going in Japan.

It was also interesting talking to her about software licenses. I am trying to learn everything I can about the licenses for my role with OSI and I am finding that the narratives around the licenses are as important as the technical details of the licenses themselves. Mitchell is the author of the Mozilla Public License.

Mitchell spends time at the OSAF offices where Creative Commons is also currently based so I hope I'll get a chance to see her and learn more from her. In the meantime, I'll start reading Mitchell's blog.

UPDATE: IBM backs Firefox in-house

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Firefox is great, when I first installed Tiger with the new Safari I thought I would give it a go but soon was back at Firefox, its faster, more solid, renders pages better and I like the way it handels tabs.

As for the 50,000,000 downloads, I always walk around with a CD that contains FireFox for all platforms, whenever I meet someone with a computer I ask what browser they have and if there is no FireFox I install it and ask them to try it for a week. So add a few dozen to the list ;)

Mozilla Europe is launching a viral marketing campaign ( Perhaps it's the way to go for Japan as well?

I had a look earlier and did not think they were funny enought to become viral. When visiting just now I got a "error id: "bad_httpd_conf""

This is the worst kind of promotion I can think of, is the Mozilla team really behind this or is this made by fans?

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