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Sorry about the light blogging. I've been pretty busy this short trip. I'm off to Tokyo again today. I'll be back in California in a few weeks.



Go home. Your wife and family have been hanging wanted posters on Technorati and Feedster saying "Have you seen this man?".

Rest. You deserve it.


Fully aware I sound like someone's mother, but - how do your family deal with this? Perhaps it's just because now there's a public trace of people's careers but...

I'm a huge fan of the work you do and your online presence. But I'd hate to be your wife.

My fiance actually traveled together with me a lot in the past, but after we moved to the countryside and ended up with three dogs, a cat and a live-in mother-in-law to be, she's pretty busy at home. A home in the countryside is a lot of work. I am hoping to start spending more time at home some time soon. For now, we try hard to make the time we do have together quality time.

But yes, it is difficult for me to have a consistent family life when I don't even have a consistent time zone...

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