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Ten Million Blogs Tracked

This weekend Technorati tracked its 10 Millionth Blog. It is a chinese blog, on, and it appears to be a blog talking about glassblowing, with some really cool pictures. Unfortunately I don't read Chinese so I can't tell...

Sorry for horn tooting, but that's a lot of blogs.


As Bob Wyman of PubSub points out, with nearly 11 Million weblogs, and with over 10 Million weblogs, seem to have gotten there first!

Hey what about Blogger?

Well congrats to BlogPulse too!

Blogger is indexed and is a big part of the 10M.

Now if Technorati could just work reliably and quickly. (Sorry, I love what the site does, it's just the slowest site I've ever used if indeed it's even up.)

Is that blogs or blog entries?

I would be really surprised if there are over 10 million bloggers worldwide.
Yes there are one blogs with multiple authors and multiple blogs with single author factor too. But that is reasonably a small fraction and cancels each other out to some extent.

The key question is how a blog is identified. If counting the RSS/Atom feeds is done to estimate blog count then it is highly inaccurate.

WordPress sites for example provides feeds for blogs, each categories, each posts and each comments! That's a whole lot of feeds comming from the same blog. Not to mention three varieties are published - RSS 0.92, RSS 2 & Atom 0.3. Such things should be considered making claims of blogs tracked.

Other blog/cms software provides multiple feeds too.

Are these issues factored in?

I can't speak for BlogPulse and PubSub, but at Technorati we count the blog with it's homepage and feeds once, and index both feeds and homepages together.
We're keen to find mroe though, so if you have a blogging tool that isn't pinging us, please do so!

Kyle, if you can give me specific examples of what pages were being slow for you, I can see what we can do to improve things.

At BlogPulse, we also count each blog once. (The number of blog posts we index, on the other hand, is much higher, on the order of 10 million a month.) Also, keep in mind, that of the 10 million plus blogs reported by BlogPulse, Technorati and PubSub, not all are currently active. Of the 11 million we are currently monitoring at BlogPulse, only about 3.5 million have posted in the past the 30 days.

We are privileged to be watching the growth and evolution of the Fastest Spreading Technology in Human History.

Joi, I'd like us all to see blogs in the bigger picture of human events.

Recall that Al Graham Bell thought a telephone was going to be used mainly for newscasts and symphonies delivered to the home, perhaps a subscription basis.

Look at how telephony has evolved. Now we get global web content over dial up connections, and via the Interplanetary Internet, may connect with Mars and other realms of the universe.

More blogs means more variety, more innnovation, more failures, more perversions, more compassionate activism, more social transformation, more revolution.

Never let us forget:

the Blog is More Revolutionary than any constitution.

The Blog is the Enemy of Mind Control.

Viva le Blog!

(excuse my broken French)

Long Live Deconstruction.

Kevin: it's mostly search/cosmos pages, and it varies (probably with system load). Cosmos pages occasionally load really fast at the moment but that seems to be a rarity. I don't mean "slow" as in "takes 3 or 4 seconds", I mean "takes 20 or 30 seconds" (just verified again for the cosmos for Feel free to email me at if there's more you'd like to know. I'd love to see things sped up as I like what Technorati does.

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