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Press Release: Creative Commons Expands Internationally & Restructures Its Key Management Team

We have just established Creative Commons International based in the UK to provide support internationally. Neeru is stepping in for Glenn who recently left to join Google. Paula Le Dieu, former Project Director for the Creative Archive project at the BBC and Mia Garlick have recently joined the team. Welcome to all of the new team members.

See the press release for the details.

UPDATE: More on Larry's blog here and here.


Joi, are you really thinking of moving to the Bay Area from the Fall - or is that some hopeful thinking on the part of Larry? It would certainly be great to have you in the US, but I am sure you would be missed in Japan.

I'm considering it. "Move" is sort of a relative term though. I already spend about as much time in the Bay Area as I do in Tokyo some months. I think it would involved cutting down on travel and increasing my time in the Bay Area. I'm still negotiating with Mizuka and my dogs.

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